Marine Corps veteran Rodney Boswell and the people who work at his company Weather Guard Roofing, LLC demonstrate there is nothing better than a good neighbor.

They donate their time, money and labor to people who have suffered roof damage in this season’s powerful storms.

The first roof fund donation and repair by Boswell was completed in early May and the second, last week.

“I put away 20 percent of the profits from our jobs in an account at TexasBank. When there’s a need and we have the money in there, we’ll make the donation and do the work,” Boswell said.

Long-time Stephenville residents who are Yellow Jackets football fans will remember Boswell as a running back and 1992 SHS graduate. His wife Melissa, is from Dublin and graduated from Hico.

Boswell says outside donations to the building fund are welcome.

“The money in the fund is protected and controlled by Connie Porter Wooley so you can be assured of its proper use,” he said. 

Wooley, who is vice president at TexasBank said, “I am here to accept gifts for those that need roofs and cannot make it happen.”

If people would like to donate to the free roof fund to help replace a roof for the needy, visit TexasBank.