Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The Morgan Mill 2014-2015 Valedictorian is Grace Rogers. She said that she never had a clue that she would be number one. It was a total surprise when Mr. Edwards read her name out. She is ready though. Her speech is finished. She said that she has thanked everybody and retold some of her memories. Mom and dad are Brother Joe and Tracey. Grace is looking forward to high school because she has already been selected to be a Stephenville Stingerette. We will be looking for her at the first football game. Congratulations to a fine young lady.

The final eighth grade interview is with James Michael. He has attended MM since kindergarten. His memory of MM includes a hole that the boys dug under the school. He says that a part of that hole still exists. He will probably play basketball and run track at Stephenville High School. He is going to miss all of his friends and his tip to the seventh graders is to “turn your work in.” Graduation for the eighth graders is Thursday, May 28, at Morgan Mill Baptist Church at 7 p.m. and Awards Day is the following Friday with the traditional hot dog lunch afterwards.

It is time to let Mrs. Kimple and the school know if you have a kindergartner coming to MM next year. You will need to have your child’s shot records, birth certificate, and social security card.

Good news on the old community center, it is stable and only needs a new roof. All of its contents have been trashed due to the water, but the building is sound. It would make a good weekend farmer’s market if there had been any vegetable gardens to make it through the storms. We were lucky that downed trees and new roofs is all that MM needs for this spring bout of bad weather.

The VFD is ordering new extrication clothing with a combination of money from a forest service grant and from the last fund raiser. This clothing is made from Kevlar and fire-proof material that allows our firefighters to more safely extricate people from car crashes. It can also be used to fight grass and brush fires. It has built-in reflective stripes so they can be more easily seen at night. The new rescue truck that our community paid for this past winter has been used numerous times already.