Brady Holleman is a senior at Dublin High School and was the starting quarterback for the Lions. But playing football wasn't his only sport. Holleman ran track where he excelled in the sprint relay, 800-meter relay and the mile relay.

Holleman has attended Dublin schools since the third grade - and is headed to Tarleton State University in the fall.

The E-T had a chance to sit down with Holleman for a quick Q&A.

E-T: How long have you played quarterback?

BH: Iíve played ever since middle school, so it would be six years, or since seventh grade.

E-T: Whatís your favorite part about it?

BH: I like the pressure behind it because everybody kind of looks at the quarterback to be a leader. I like being under pressure. I know some people donít like it, but in a weird way I kind of enjoy it.

E-T: Are you planning on playing ball after high school?

BH: Yes, I plan on playing at Tarleton next fall.

E-T: What is your favorite subject?

BH: This year I really liked economics. I donít really know what else to say about it [he said with a laugh], I just really liked it.

E-T: What do you want to do after college?

BH: I plan on getting my bachelor's degree in kinesiology at Tarleton and then from there try and go on to a physical therapy school.

E-T: What is your favorite food?

BH: I love Chinese food. I like the honey chicken.

E-T: If you could share a meal with anyone throughout history, who would it be?

BH: Maybe Abraham Lincoln [he laughed]Ö one of the big presidents I guess would be the coolest.

E-T: What animal do you feel is most like you?

BH: Iíd say a lion, because weíre the Dublin Lions and lions are kind of viewed as a leader.

E-T: Are there any shout outs you would like give?

BH: Thanks to all the coaches, my parents [Jimmy and Tracey Holleman], everybody that supported me - and a shout out to Abel Aguilar.