Henderson Junior High’s leadership club Impact held a special induction ceremony for the next year’s eighth graders. Impact’s mission statement reads, “To make a positive difference in the lives of students by empowering them to IMPACT their school and community.”

Speakers included Dr. Stephen LaDuque, sponsor and leader of the club; Lacy Barton, vice president of development at Foster’s Home for Children; Mayor Kenny Weldon; and Matt Underwood, SISD superintendent. Ashley Graves, executive director of Choices Clinic also attended the induction.

“The things we’re going to be teaching them are the things you’re teaching at home,” LaDuque said. “Family, school and community, so we want to have an impact on these kiddos.”

Students involved in Impact will follow guidelines, complete several objectives and take field trips throughout the year. The first trip will be a kickoff retreat in August called the Tarleton Challenge Course.

“I see this group as changing and empowering the culture,” Underwood said. “You’re selected for a reason; someone believed in you.”