Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The eighth grade interviews continue with Olivia Todd and Cheyle Thatcher. Olivia will be attending Stephenville High School next year with special emphasis on agricultural studies. She is going to miss her classmates the most. Cheyle will be attending a private high school next year and will miss her friends.

Her goal for next year is to get her grades up because she wants to be a doctor and figure out how to cure cancer.

One special memory for Olivia comes from her fourth grade year in Morgan Mill with Mrs. Jones as her teacher. The assignment was to make up a story. Her classmate, Cody, wrote about a carrot that was run over. Olivia remembers this story today as it was Mrs. Jones’ favorite story. Cheyle remembers Cameron at an athletic event casually throwing away Angelea’s pizza in the trash. He was harassed all the way home on the bus.

These are the tips that the girls are going to give to the now seventh graders: “Grow up, stop being childish, take your grades seriously, and listen to Mr. Edwards, it will be on your STARR test.

These eighth graders have their dresses picked out for graduation and are excited about their upcoming graduation parties. Graduation in Morgan Mill is special with the

girls wearing long dresses and the guys wearing ties. The small town predictions will be part of the ceremony.

Thursday, May 28, at Morgan Mill Baptist Church will be graduation for the kindergartners and eighth graders.

Have we been praying for rain? This has been the week that was for the MM firefighters and the damage to the MM fire department. It is not visible from the street but the roof to the old community center is no more. Through the years, there have been several roofs on the old building.

Now, one of the roofs flew off and cut large holes in the new roof of the new addition to the fire department. The insurance adjusters have been out and now an engineer has been called out to analyze the structure.

The old community center was the Earl Stigler store. In 1913 he built the first limestone rock building in Morgan Mill. Gene Williams in Hurrah for Morgan Mill recalls the sidewalk in front of the building as a favorite place for domino games during the warm days of the year. He remembers a stove in the back of the store that was also a gathering place during the winter. The new Community Center has now replaced that gathering place across the street. The clean up around MM is progressing. The county has been gracious to pick up all of the weather related debris when placed along the streets. The Electric Co-Op has been quick in disconnecting dangerous wires and reconnecting them when they have been repaired.

Thanks to Connie Wooley and L.V. Coffee at TexasBank in Stephenville for providing supper on Monday for the almost 20 volunteers, county workers, and United Co-Op Linemen in MM.

We have had several calls about anonymous workers doing repairs for residents. These folks are thankful for the work done and are at a lost as to whom to thank. My comment is, “that is just MM doing what MM knows how to do.” Thanks to all. There is still a lot of work to be done.