Chamberlin Elementary School students roared with laughter as they watched seven groups of their teachers perform at their talent show Friday afternoon.

The Mermaids, consisting of first grade teachers, put on a show of synchronized swimming; Chamberlin Wall sang a song making the kids giggle; Rappin Retirees had their walkers and rocking chairs while they danced to some hoppin’ tunes; the Glory Girls performed a rocking song with some air drums and keyboard; the Black and White group wore matching outfits singing to Disney’s Frozen; and Mash Up did a whole set of songs with choreography.

Stephenville High School theatre members were dressed in costume performing some mini ‘dance-offs’ in between acts.

The last team, Dynamic Duo, came out with giant bobble-style heads of P.E. teachers Wade Whitehead and Marc Simpson. It was a mystery as to who was sporting the giant heads until the very end when they pulled them off to show themselves as Jennifer Salyards, principal, and Dawn Hitt, assistant principal.

“I liked the big head idea and I thought, ‘who could we be?,’” Salyards said. “During teacher awards we always make the teachers dance and they (Whitehead and Simpson) always say, ‘do not make us dance’—so we did this.”