The 2015 Class of Leadership Stephenville is wrapping up its nine-month course that teaches participants more about the community in which they live and work.

On Thursday, the class paid its annual visit to the office of the Empire-Tribune where it learned more about community journalism. The stop was part of the class' communication, technology and utilities day.

This year's class consists of David Asbill, Joe Brown, L.V. Coffee, Willy DeJong, Dominic Dottavio, Brent Graves, Jason Halsey, Jamie Hayden, Edward Heinze, Ilda Martinez, Chris Moore, Kerrie Pineda, Julia Stokes, Gary Sult, Matt Underwood and Mayor Kenny Weldon.

Participants took part in a discussion with the E-T's General Manager Todd Frantz and Managing Editor Sara Vanden Berge.

They were then divided into four groups and were charged with the task of designing their own front pages.

The class is sponsored by the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce.