A National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund report issued at the end of 2014 stated that 126 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers were killed in the line of duty that year, compared to 102 in 2013. 

More facts from that report:

The number of officers killed by firearms in 2014 (50) was 56 percent higher than the number killed by gunfire in 2013 (32).

Ambush-style attacks were the No. 1 cause of felonious officer deaths for the fifth year in a row. Fifteen officers nationwide were killed in ambush assaults in 2014, matching 2012 for the highest total since 1995. 

Forty-nine officers were killed in traffic-related incidents this past year, which was an 11 percent increase from 2013. 

Twenty-seven officers died due to other causes in 2014, including 24 who suffered from job-related illnesses, such as heart attacks, while performing their duties.

“We issue this report each year as a stark reminder that some 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers go out each and every day putting their lives on the line for our safety and protection,” explained NLEOMF Chairman and CEO Craig W. Floyd. 

“These brave men and women are willing to lay down their lives for us. The least we should do is honor and remember their service and sacrifice, support their families and do all that we can to make it safer for those who continue to serve.”

To read the full report go to www.LawMemorial.org/FatalitiesReport.