Renee and Cassie Goodwin are the winners of the Empire-Tribune’s mother/daughter look-alike contest.

But their strong resemblance isn't the only thing they have in common. It turns out they have a close relationship as well.

Renee, the principal of Henderson Junior High, and Cassie, a vocalist major at Tarleton State Unversity, talked about what they love to do together.

“We both love music, one of my favorite things to do is sing with her. We sing together at church,” Renee said.

“And she sings with me in our Masterworks Concerts at Tarleton,” Cassie added.

Both women were born and raised in Stephenville and even spent some time together when Cassie was attending grade school.

“I was the assistant principal at the high school when she was a freshman and when she was in third and fourth grade, I was teaching there,” Renee said.

The two said people always know their mother and daughter and tell them “you look just like her.”

“Whenever I started dating my boyfriend this year I told him that my mom is my best friend and he’s going to have to deal with it,” Cassie said.

That bond is one both women say they cherish and will celebrate this Mother's Day.

“We love each other a lot,” Renee said.

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