Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The May student of the month is Kolter Jackson, first grader. He likes math

and all of his teachers. After school, he likes to drive his 4-wheeler. He has a 25 year old horse named Chili. His brother, Kade, is in the eighth grade and sister, Landrey is attending Huckabay High School. Kolter is hoping that his family is going to vacation in Mexico this summer.

In the local rodeos, he likes to barrel race and goat slapping. Horse stories are his favorite reading material. Congratulations to parents, Reagan and Judd. Kolter is a well-deserving young man.

The eighth grade interviews continue with Cody Berry, Cameron Bishop and Xavier Gonzalez. All three boys played football and are going to different high schools. Cody will go to Huckabay, Cameron will attend Stephenville and Xavier will go to Santo High School.

Cody will always remember going to the Ranger Game last year and will miss Mr. Edwards as a teacher. Cameron moved into Morgan Mill as a 6th grader. He had been previously home schooled in China.

He said that the transition was tough, but not as difficult as he expected. Xavier had a laugh when he remembered Cameron’s first day in Morgan Mill. Cameron admits that he did not like Xavier and stuck him with a pen, now they are best of friends.

Xavier will always remember the bus rides to the athletic events and his friends. Cameron’s goal for next year is to make all A’s, he wants to be top of his class. Xavier wants to try all of the sports. The boys’ tips for next year eighth graders are to “do all of your work, keep up in math, and don’t talk back.”

Cody is proud that he is third in his class and only made one “B” this year. Congratulations to these boys and good luck in their high schools.

There are three more 8th graders to go.

The 2015-2016 MM cheerleaders are 8th grader, Daisy Richards; 7th graders, Carly Sanders, Elizabeth Fisher, Gabby Mullins; 6th graders, Camilla Buchanan, and Brylee Seabourn. Congratulations to these girls.

It is garage sale time. The PTF will be collecting items for their 4th annual garage sale on the following dates: Saturday, May 23, from 10 until noon; Saturday, June 13, from 9 until noon; and Saturday, July 11, from 9 until noon. The sale itself is Saturday, July 18, from 8 until 2.

Come by the school to drop off your items. This is a good way to get the PTF off to a financial start for the fall. They

will be purchasing supplies and giving teachers help to start the year.

John Sandstrom and Vannie Halliday are busy constructing a new steeple for the MM Methodist Church. The scaffolding is started and Kenneth Jackson has been asked about a crane that will reach to the top. Keep watch, it will be a must-watched event.