Jon Clark Giddings is a junior at Stephenville High School where he excels as a student-athlete. Giddings recently qualified for state with a personal best pole vault of 14'-6" at the regional track meet this spring.

The E-T sat down with Giddings for a quick Q&A.

E-T: What other sports do you play?

JCG: Football and pole vault. Iím our safety and Iím one of our return guys. I usually run the 100 and most of our relays. I do indoor and outdoor season pole vault.

E-T: Whatís your favorite position of your favorite sport?

JCG: Football is my favorite sport. I like playing safety. Itís like being the quarterback of the defense. With seven-on-seven Iíll call the plays. Itís really cool, itís like the leadership role, the guy that runs the defense.

E-T: How long have you been playing football?

JCG: Since the sixth grade

E-T: Whoís your favorite pro athlete?

JCG: I like Deion Sanders, because heís flamboyant. Heís good, he knows heís good and heís going to let everyone else know.

E-T:†Are you looking at any colleges or universities?

JCG: I took a visit to TCU and SMU. Theyíre really cool, Iím hoping to take a couple more visits. I might take a visit to Oklahoma, my dad went there.

E-T: What is your dream job?

JCG: I would like to be an orthodontist or oral surgeon because Iím kinda a people person.†

E-T: What do you do in your spare time?

JCG: I like playing golf, it relieves stress. I like to play with my dad and friends, I live on a golf course.

E-T: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JCG: Colorado and go snowboarding.

E-T: As a young child, what were you most scared of?

JCG: Not heights, snakes. Definitely was afraid of snakes.

E-T: What is your favorite thing to eat?

JCG: I like seafood. I really like shrimp.

E-T: How do you prepare for a big game?

JCG: I like to listen to music, it gets me in the right mindset. But Iím not really a big guy that gets in the zone. I kinda joke around when weíre warming up in pole vault, just kinda talking to the guys just warming up. Football, I just chill and and keep it loose. Itís fun, itís a game