Former Texas MUFON director, Ken Cherry, has written a book that will be available on May 27. The book is titled “Marc Slade Investigates: The Stephenville UFO by Ken Cherry.”

The story is written as fictional, but features facts Cherry has uncovered in his investigations of the “incident” that put Stephenville on the map in 2008.

“I can’t believe after seven years that no one has written a book about the Stephenville UFO,” he said, “even though it was one of the top sightings of all time."

Cherry said he wanted to tell the stories that never made it to the public.

“I was on a number of programs and they all took the same approach,” he said. “They interviewed me as the head of the investigation there, and it always centered on the idea that the story centered on a few witnesses and their findings.”

The “incident” that made global headlines happened in January 2008, but Cherry said, “We already had a lot of witnesses from activity in December.” What’s more astounding is that the sightings continued all of 2008 and “had an increase in October that year.”

Cherry wants to show the public the “incident” goes much deeper than anyone ever read in a newspaper or saw on television.

“A lot of people don’t know that we continued to get a high level of reports from highly credible witnesses for many months,” he said. “We continued to get those all year. October though, did seem to culminate a mass sighting that we tried to keep out of the press as to more efficiently conduct our investigation.

“The book is really not about the witnesses or the reporters, there’s some aspect of that in there. This is not just a conspiracy, it’s real and it’s probably the most guarded secret ever.”

Though the book is written as fiction, Cherry claims to base it all on fact. “It’s a novel so it’s all about the subtext,” he said. “People will be able to tell what parts are fiction for entertainment sake and what parts are fact. What I provide is not only a good fictional narrative based on facts but also a good part of the book is completely factual.”

The book is being published by Glannant Ty Publishing and will be available on the publisher’s website, Amazon and Cherry’s website at for pre-order. Cherry said that if ordered from his site, he will ship an autographed copy of the book.