The Stephenville City Council stuck by a decision by Police Chief Jason King Tuesday night, rejecting an appeal from denial of a permit by local businessman Noah Kennedy, owner of Kennedy Tree Experts.

City Manager Pat Bridges explained,“This particular applicant, Mr. Kennedy was not approved. Chief King has upheld that decision and now Mr. Kennedy is exercising his right under the ordinance to come before you all and appeal Chief King’s decision.”

King explained that Kennedy had not passed a background check due to offenses years ago, and the fact that the ordinance doesn’t allow for any variance or decision making, his only allowable action was to deny the permit, which he did.

The ordinance pertains to door-to-door solicitors.

In Kennedy's address to the council, he said his family has been in business since 1957.

"For three generations we’ve been family and veteran-owned, which our work reflects. I come before you today to appeal my denial of an individual solicitation permit. I was told because I got into some minor trouble in my youthful days that I was not allowed to obtain such a permit," Kennedy said. “It seems to me that if one has learned from the follies of his youth and bettered himself before his God, his family and his peers, that they [the city government] should not punish him but allow him to continue on. As a resident of this community, I see no reason that I should not be allowed to solicit my trade, when those who come from afar come in and prosper.

“I’ve never had one complaint about my work. I’ve never accepted payment until my services were completed, and I’ve never left a customer unhappy."

But the appeal wasn't enough to convince the council they should overturn the chief's decision.

The council voted unanimously to uphold denial of the solicitation permit.