I would respectfully request your consideration in voting for Rhett Harrison for Stephenville City Council. I have known and worked with Rhett over 14 years during which time our families became friends. Rhett is one of the most down to earth businessmen I know. He has the best interest of the Stephenville community at heart.

Being a business owner, he understands you cannot spend money you don't have, and he can manage a very tight budget. He and his wife Tessa have a son, Rob, in the Stephenville school system so he wants to see economic development and growth that will provide a thriving economy for his son and all the children of our community.

As my father used to say "He has his head on straight" and will be a good steward of resources to benefit Stephenville.

A vote for Rhett Harrison is a vote for progress with accountability for Stephenville. Thank you for your consideration. 

Rosemary Nagle,