This week is a busy week in MM. Community supper is Thursday night at 6:30 with the popular Dan DeVivo entertaining. Bring your favorite pot luck dish and reminiscence the days of Elvis.

On Saturday, May 9, start with a MM breakfast of bacon and eggs with all of the trimmings at 7. There will be a lot of visitors in town due to the MM Cemetery homecoming and “work day” outing. The event takes place at the tabernacle at noon. Families will bring food for their visitors and the MM Cemetery Association provides for the barbecue. The trustees of the Association are Gene Williams, Carroll Elston, Gary Key, Gary Spindor and Brenda Osinga.

A short business meeting will be conducted at noon. There have been 12 burials in MM since the last “work day.”

Congratulations to Isaac Lingle for placing first in the Stephenville Optimist Oratory Contest. He received money and a medallion. He will have a chance to

go to regionals. Isaac was an eighth grader in MM in 2012.

The eighth grade interviews continue with Lane York, Phillip Faulkner, and Angelia Mullins. Lane will always remember Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Jones as his

favorite teachers. Field trips for the seventh and eighth graders are one of their cherished memories. Last year the group went to Austin to visit the capitol and

this year San Antonio is their destination. Lane has never been to San Antonio and is looking forward to their trip in May.

Fiesta Texas is on the agenda, as well as the missions. All three of these eighth graders will be going to the Ranger game on May 15th because of their reading scores. Lane plans to go to Stephenville High School and maybe play basketball.

Phillip Faulkner has attended MM school for two years. He will be attending Santo High School next year. He has made almost all A’s in MM and

has no special plans for next year. He is still busy reading to get more reading points even though he has already made his score to enable him to go to the Ranger game.

Angelia Mullins is planning on attending Stephenville High School with the goal of making good grades. She thinks that she might be interested in the theater

classes. She will miss the smallness of MM and her friends here.

These eighth graders gave these tips for the seventh graders; “organization, keep all of your science papers you will need them, turn everything in on time, listen to your teachers, and don’t talk during the lunch count”

More interviews in future issues.