Election time is upon us once again, and it is important that we citizens give thoughtful consideration for whom we pick as our representatives in government.  City council members are our voices in local government, and those voices should be well informed about local affairs. It takes time, effort, and long-term commitment to be deeply informed about our city's issues beyond what may be reported in the newspapers, which is why I strongly support candidates Justin Allison and Rhett Harrison for council Places 1 and 5, respectively.

Justin Allison consistently attends our council meetings and is well-informed on Stephenville's challenges and opportunities.  He is a fiscal conservative who has addressed the mayor and council with well-reasoned arguments in favor of property tax reduction.  He is a life-long resident of Erath County with a Master of Science degree from Tarleton and a career at Saint-Gobain, one of our town's important manufacturers.  Justin currently serves on Stephenville's Planning and Zoning commission and is very aware of the need for economic development. He would bring an intelligent, considerate outlook to the table and can contribute a great deal toward continuing to build a growth-oriented, citizen-responsive city council.

Rhett Harrison is another outstanding candidate who has studied local issues in depth and attended numerous council meetings.  Rhett currently serves as chairman of the annexation committee which is analyzing Stephenville growth and development issues in great detail in order to make informed recommendations to the city. Rhett is also a fiscal conservative who believes in low taxes and who would bring a keen eye to the city's finance and budget. As a small business owner, Rhett Harrison knows that it is very possible to keep spending and taxes low while still providing top notch service. He understands reallocation of resources, productivity, creativity, and how to wring value out of what, to the inexperienced, might appear impossible. Trust me; wending your way through the current economic climate with a successful independent small business while battling the big companies is invaluable experience we want addressing our town’s fiscal future.

Please consider these two excellent candidates for Places 1 and 5 and let your voice be heard by voting in this critical election.  Early voting is going on now; May 9th will be the final day to vote.  Thank you for your time in reading this letter.


Sherry Zachery,