Lauren Hart has been involved in FFA and volleyball during her years at Stephenville High School. Now a senior, she’s gearing up for graduation and preparing for the future.

She talked about what she will miss most about high school.

“Just all the memories and good friends you make, and the teachers are awesome and care about you,” she said. 

During Hart’s sophomore year, she won state and went to nationals in the farm business management competition.

“In the fall I’m going to start college at Abilene Christian University,” she said. “I’m going to major in biology and I hope to get my master's and PhD in marine biology. That’s what I really want to do.”

Hart has always been interested in the ocean. When she was just two years old she learned how to swim.

“I’ve always loved water. I’m just so fascinated with all the fish that are out there and all the different kinds of seashells that wash up on the shore,” she said. “

Here is what she said she is looking forward to most about college.

“Meeting new people and having tons of fun,” she said. “And I want to get involved in a lot of stuff like intermurals, but I’m really just looking forward to meeting new people.”