United Cooperative Services will award $43,000 in energy scholarships to 14 students who are members. This program was created to encourage and assist in the educational pursuits of members and their families.

The scholarship award is one of the benefits in becoming a member of UCS and is just one of the ways they look for bests interests.

First place will receive a $10,000 scholarship, second place a $5,000 scholarship, third place a $4,000 scholarship and there will be 10 other scholarships given at $2,000 each.

Apply for the scholarship from now until June 1 at the UCS website, www.united-cs.com. Students will have to meet specific criteria and there will be two rounds of judging.

The first judging will be based on leadership and financial need, community service and school activities. The second judging will be based on an interview that participants will conduct in front of an independent panel of judges.

UCS has been doing this for more than 20 years and has given over 900 students scholarships totaling more than $1 million.