Stephenville’s new door knob-hanger system to alert property owners that they are in violation of city code goes into full swing today.

Previously notifications went out by mail and as Stephenville's Code Compliance Inspector Jimmy Finney explained, “This takes the place of the letter, saving the city 48 cents for each notification, but it is as valid as receiving a notification in the mail. We will take a photo of the Violation Notice hanger having been placed on the property.”

If the person occupying the property is not the owner, Finney said he will verify the name of the owner at his office and send a letter as was previously done.

“This door hanger system will go into use on May 1st and it’s really a courtesy. It gives the property owner notice about what is in violation of the code and they can deal with it before we take take any further steps to see that the violation is corrected.”

For more information call Finney at 918-1215 or 485-5285.