Day three in the capital murder trial of Eddie Routh centered on the testimony of James Watson, Eddie Ray Routh’s uncle.

Watson said when Routh returned from Haiti his zest for life had diminished and that he drifted from job to job.

He testified that on the morning of the murders he had gone to Routh's house to calm him down after he had an argument with his girlfriend.

Jane Starnes with the attorney general’s office asked Watson if he and Routh drank whiskey that morning.

“We had coffee that morning; I don’t remember drinking any whiskey but it doesn’t mean I didn’t,” Watson said.

He added that it wasn't unusual for them to drink alcohol in the morning, and admitted to smoking marijuana.

Later that afternoon, Routh made a visit to his uncle's home in a black Ford truck, saying he was driving "a dead man’s truck.”

Watson said he thought Routh was talking about himself due to his paranoia and belief that the government was out to get him.

In other testimony Friday, Texas Ranger David Armstrong explained how he attained a search warrant for Routh’s parents home in Lancaster. Routh was living with them in his sister’s old room.

Drug paraphernalia was found in the room including a bong, ceramic pipe, a grinder and a substance in which Armstrong referred to as a “loose green substance.”

Testimony will resume Monday.