Taya Kyle, the wife of slain American Sniper Chris Kyle, gave emotional testimony Wednesday in the capital murder trial of Eddie Routh.

Kyle said hours after her husband and his best friend Chad Littlefield left for Rough Creek Lodge, she learned they were dead.

Taya had been with her husband earlier that day before he left with Littlefield and former Marine Eddie Routh, whom he had never met, but was trying to help.

Taya testified the two spoke on the phone later that afternoon and her husband didn't seem like himself.

“He didn’t sound normal,” Taya said.

She characterized his demeanor as “irritated” and “short.”

When she stopped hearing from him, she grew concerned.

“I texted Chris, 'where are you? I’m getting worried,'” she said.

Taya became visibly upset while looking at family photos, but remained strong during questioning, telling Jane Starnes with the attorney general’s office, “I’m not nervous, I’m just emotional.”

Chris Kyle started Craft International, a company dedicated to training law enforcement, veterans and other officials, and eventually branched out in an effort to help veterans by taking them on outings like the one he took with Routh on Feb. 2, 2013.

Taya testified said that her husband specifically asked that no press attend those outings with veterans.