Sisters Kristy Martinez and Rhea Watts are pretty sure they can take some of the Christmas gift buying-and-shipping pressure off you at their bright, welcoming store, Gilbert Pecan Company, located near the intersection of Highway 281 and the I-20 freeway. They offer pre-wrapped and right-off-the-shelf gift choices from under $15 to $50 and of course you can get as creative as you like in putting together a larger selection of their goodies.

Their nuts come in all kinds of coverings and seasoning from salted to chocolate-dipped to sugared and more. But they also have dried fruit such as dates and cherries, and they offer brittles, snacks, fruit cakes and pecan meal cake that’s not overly sweet. On top of that, there are other odds ‘n ends, cookbooks and pecan-cracking tools as well and free samples all over the place.

Gilbert Pecan Company, which opened in 2008, is a whole lot more than a traditional pecan store as everything is done in house and their recently-arrived 2014 pecan crop is home grown, harvested and shelled.

Their dad, Bubba Gilbert, has been growing pecans for 47 years; he owns approximately 30,000 pecan trees in Texas, and has his own shelling, packing ends of the business. That’s why their company motto is “Direct from our trees to your home.”

The success of Gilbert Pecan Company is in no small measure due to the loving attention they put into everything they sell. Watts says, “What differentiates us from other stores is that we don’t just repackage products; they’re our pecans and we actually make our candies and bake the cakes here from family recipes that have been handed down from our grandmothers and great aunts. That’s what makes us unique.”

She continues, “Our location near this busy intersection really allows us to stay open year round. Most pecan stores are only open from October to January, but because of this location, we’re able to stay open year round, seven days a week.

Martinez points out that if you can’t stop by in person, shopping their widely-diverse wares can all be done by phone or online, and that goes for corporate and organizational giving as well. She adds, “We can ship until about three days before Christmas and get the gifts there,” she says.

Gilbert Pecan Company is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. For more information call 940-769-4500 or visit the website at