Stephenville’s newest financial institution, F&M Bank held a Grand Opening ceremony and Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on Thursday.

“We appreciate you all coming out to help us celebrate the Grand Opening of this new branch of F&M Bank," said bank president Joe Thompson. "While it’s new to Stephenville, F&M Bank was founded in 1905 in De Leon. We’ve expanded into Brownwood, Eastland and Early, so this is our fourth location.”

He said the bank had been open just shy of one month.

Chairman of the board Calvin Spindor said, “We welcome everyone who has turned out today. We really are pleased that so many of you came to help us celebrate this occasion. It’s a great turnout for our special day, so thank you all for joining us.”

Diane McCoy, president of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors quipped, “We really only came because we heard you were handing out money.”

To which Spindor replied, “Well, we’re not doing that but the teller line is open over there for the money to go in the other direction.”

Thompson added, “We often joke around here that if you can’t remember what the ‘F&M’ means in the bank’s name, it stands for Friends and Money.”