Ashley Kendrick, a 22-year-old Tarleton senior, is spending her summer getting ready for exhibits and helping with art camps at Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council.

How long have you been interning at CTFAC?

"I started around April, but I hadn't started coming up here everyday until last week."

What are your responsibilities?

"Well right now we're matting pictures for an exhibit. I also help out with art camp and random things; just wherever they need help."

What's your favorite part about working at CTFAC?

"Definitely the staff. They keep the day going and keep things interesting and entertaining. We always talk while matting the pictures, so you learn about each other and you have funny moments. They're goofy, so it makes it fun."

How long will you continue to work here?

"I graduate this August, so my internship should be up by then but it just depends on when a position opens up here. I would like to work here (full-time).

Are there any events that you're excited about?

"We have the Our Lives, Our Stories exhibit coming to Eastland in January 2015. It's a big traveling exhibit that goes all over the world and we'll have it for two months. They pack it up and ship it to us and there are these lectures. The professors from Tarleton will also get involved. When we're done, we'll ship it off to someone else. I'll do marketing and public relations for it. It should be fun for all the families to come out and look at all the history."