The missing teen from Alpena, Arkansas, 16-year-old Treyli Blackwell was found in Comanche County by the DeLeon Police Department Monday evening.

According to Carroll County Sheriff Bob Grudek, Blackwell was found with Jason Gregg Del Bosque.

"Right now the best information we have is that they met through social media," he said. "He's a local from the Stephenville area."

Grudek also mentioned that he was aware that Del Bosque had a record, which does included a parole violation from an aggravated sexual assault case and being a registered sex offender.

Based on data analysis done by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, it was determined that Blackwell and Del Bosque were last seen in the Stephenville/Dublin area.

Local investigators were able to develop and confirm that Blackwell had changed her appearance and did not seem distressed.

The information also led them to a local business where the two were spotted. Surveillance video from the store showed the individuals and allowed investigators to confirm their identities.

Officers from the De Leon Police Department later received a tip on their location and in a short time both were in police custody.

"We worked with the FBI, Stephenville Police Department and the Dublin Police Department and we were greatly impressed with how many agents and police officers were able to respond," Grudek said. "Thank goodness that through our efforts we were able to find her and that she appears to be safe."

The Stephenville Police Department posted photos and information of both Blackwell and Del Bosque on their Facebook page Sunday alerting the public of the missing child and a parole violation Del Bosque had committed.

Exact details as to how Blackwell or Del Bosque were found are unknown at this time.