Rain is something we haven't seen a lot of in recent months, but this summer has started out wet with already two days of heavy rainfall.

According to local weather observer Stuart Chilton the rainfall report for Sunday and Monday morning totaled out to 1.78 inches with .74 in. on Sunday and 1.04 in. on Monday.

More rain is shown in the forecast for this week, but Chilton says to always expect the worst.

"When they say there's a 40 percent chance of rain, it means there's a 60 percent chance that it won't," he said.

With only seven days left in June, Erath County has only had 2.38 in. of rain and still needs 1.02 in. to reach the average amount of rainfall in June.

"This is good but we need some more," said Chilton. "We still have a few days left in June."

The big picture shows that the drought is still in full swing as the rainfall amount thus far this year is only 9.64 in., 7.76 in. less than the average rainfall amount for the first six months of the year in Stephenville.