Jogging for Judah celebrated another successful event Saturday morning as the annual race provided plenty of competition and raised funds for the Stutler family, who are adopting two children from Haiti.

"It's special to see the community come out and support our journey of adoption," said Mark Stutler. "We're so grateful to all of the sponsors, and the people who have volunteered their time getting this event set up and also those who ran. In a town like Stephenville the whole thing is just really special."

The third-annual event is expected to raise the most money so far according to race co-founder Robyn Ballew.

"I think every year we grow and grow and receive more and more support from everyone in the community and churches," Ballew said. "We're getting closer to our $5,000 goal every year and we're anticipating at least raising $4,000 this year."

The importance of raising the money is something that Ballew has taken seriously, as they race is named after her adopted son.

"It's important because these families have answered the call to adoption," she said. "They've said yes and put everything they have towards it. This is a way to show them that we're here for them no matter what and that we have their back for the great and chaotic experience that is adoption."

Those in attendance were of all ages, including local teenager Joey Braun.

"I came out here and ran because I know the Stutler family and I know what they've been through and just wanted to help them out," he said.