On Saturday the Stephenville Organic Gardening Club held its inaugural Homegrown Tomato Contest in City Park. Categories included heirloom, hybrid, and most unusual

Charles May, president of the club explained that the standards for entering the contest were simple and straightforward. "All that we ask is that the tomatoes are homegrown. It doesn't have to be grown organically; any method is welcome."

May began growing tomatoes several years ago and the idea for the event came to him shortly thereafter, he said. "I knew they had contests like this in other cities and some of them are really big deals. I'd like to see us build this event into something bigger as the years go on," May said.

He cited Jacksonville, Texas as an example. Their three-day-long Tomato Fest is held in June and has been around for over 30 years. It brings in thousands of dollars to the city and features gospel and photo contests, a street dance, motorcycle and antique auto shows and (get this!) a tomato-drop contest. Sounds like a perfect fit for party-ready Stephenville.

The Homegrown Tomato Contest ran from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the winners are as follows:

Heirloom: 1st – Charles May, 2nd – Annette Caldwell

Hybrid: 1st - Kim Roberts, 2nd – Jimmy Herrington

Most Unusual: 1st - Ed Dupas