Wendy Golden, a senior branch office administrator at Edward Jones in Stephenville, was named a Hero of the FORTUNE 500 for donating a kidney to a long-time client of the firm.

"We found more than 50 people who have performed extraordinary acts of bravery, charity, ingenuity or selflessness—transforming their communities and often the lives of total strangers in the process," said CatherinE Dunn, with FORTUNE 500. "Also, they just happen to work for the biggest companies in America."

Golden’s daughter was born with a horseshoe kidney—two kidneys fused together—and there was a time Golden prepared herself to become a donor. Fortunately her daughter never needed a transplant. But years later, a diabetic client did. Golden had known him since she first started with Edward Jones in 1999; they underwent the transplant procedure in June 2013. Golden marvels that more people don’t sign up to give.

"In the grand scheme of things, it’s just too easy," Golden said.