The Texas summers can get hot and 22-year-old Tarleton State University student, Raegan Mcgehee, spends her summer making money poolside. Mcgehee has a summer job as a lifeguard at Splashville. We caught up with her this week to ask about her summer gig.

Why did you want to work at Splashville?

"I love to be outside and I love the water. I also get a good tan."

When did you start at Splashville?

"I started the first year they opened and it's just a great job. I worked three summers, then skipped a year, and this is my fourth one."

What are your responsibilities as a lifeguard?

"I watch the pool, open the pool and clean." She also aids people if there's an injury.

"If I'm on break it doesn't matter, I still tend to that person. Safety comes first."

What's your favorite thing to do at work?

"I love the lazy river." She says it does get crowded and can be hard to get people in and out of, but that it's "definitely my favorite spot, when I'm working or when I'm just playing." 

When does Splashville close and do you have another job during the school year?

"They close in August," so she works another job during the school year. "I work for Tarleton for a company called Sodexo, and that's on campus." 

Do you enjoy the atmosphere at Splashville?

"I love everybody, the people are great and they're all really good.