Conceived as a complement to Motherís Day, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington proposed Father's Day to honor her father who was raising her and her five siblings as a single parent. The first celebration of Fatherís Day was June 19, 1910 at the Spokane YMCA.

In 1916, the holiday went national when then-president Woodrow Wilson came to Spokane to speak at the Father's Day celebration. It became a permanent federal holiday in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

For fathers, grandfathers and father figures now and to come, here are the answers to 10 questions about Fatherís Day and being a father.

1. How many fathers are there in the United States? According to the Census Bureau, 70.1 million. (Since each child has a biological mother and father, there are also exactly 70.1 mothers out there.)

2. How many men are single fathers? 2.0 million.

3. How many fathers are stay-at-home dads? About 214,000.

4. How much has the number of stay-at-home dads increased in the past 10 years? The number has doubled.

5. How many preschoolers are cared for by their fathers while their mother is working? 18 percent of all pre-kindergarten children.

6. What is the official flower of Fathers Day? A rose. A red rose is worn in the childís lapel for a father whoís still living, a white flower for a father whoís deceased.

7. How many fathers are there in the military? Department of Defense Data show 49 percent of active duty soldiers in the Army are fathers. In the Air Force, itís 45 percent and in the Navy itís 42 percent.

8. What is the most popular Fatherís Day present? A tie. Coming in second, third and fourth are tools, sports equipment and electronic gadgets.

9. In a more humorous vein, what clothing items do most dads have from before you were even born? Multiple ties. (Dads are also known for actually using the pockets on their cargo pants.)

10. The final question is something every child should keep in mind. What is the cost of raising a son or daughter to age 18? In 2013, the average cost was estimated to be $241,080.