Only weeks ago a family of five endured a day of terror that included their six-year-old son being viciously attacked by a dog on their property in Morgan Mill. 

Will Schrimsher, 6, was with his dad, Billy, on their new land that the family is building a house on in Morgan Mill. The neighbor's dog approached Will, which it had done many times before.

"I was standing right there, I was talking to him and saw he was petting the dog," Billy said. "The dog was calm, not acting strange and I turned around and took a few steps and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a dog fight."

The neighbor's red-heeler, who had grown up around the owners own children and has since been euthanized, had viciously attacked Will leaving him with injuries all over his body including a large gash on the back of his head.

"I picked him up and was just trying to stop the bleeding," Billy said. "I knew he was going to have to go to the E.R."

When the Morgan Mill VFD arrived CareFlite was called, but couldn't land due to heavy storms.

Will was then taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Stephenville Hospital.

"I wasn't even aware of what had happened," said Will's mother Stephanie. "Billy just told me he was bit by a dog and when I got to the E.R. the first thing I saw was Billy and Will covered in blood. No parent can be prepared to see their child like that."

Will was transferred to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth where he underwent a five-hour surgery.

"The amount of blood he lost was scary," Stephanie said. "Everyone at first thought he had a brain injury from the lacerations in the back of his head possibly going through the skull. We're so thankful that we had a talented and skilled plastic surgeon who performed a miracle on Will's face and head. He is the reason why Will looks so good now."

Will had more than 200 stitches on his cheek, lips and face and then had the first round of rabies shots.

"Veterinarians couldn't verify that the dog had its rabies shots," Stephanie said. "They couldn't wait to give him the shots because of how close the bite was to his head."

Veterinarians have since discovered the dog was not rabid.

Now, the family is rejoicing over their son's recovery.

"Will is doing great, almost abnormally great," his mother said. "His pediatrician said his speedy recovery isn't typical and I truly believe it's from all of the prayers we received throughout the community and state for our son."

But the family is warning others, particularly dog owners, about their responsibilities.

"I know dogs in the country often run loose, just know that if your dog is on somebody else's property then the dog owner is responsible, and all dogs should be up to date on their rabies shots," Stephanie said.