Just in time for summer reading, the Stephenville Public Library welcomes a collection of books for teenagers from young adult author Patrick Jones.

Jones lives in Minneapolis, but frequently visits his family in Stephenville. His mother is a Stephenville resident and his brother and sister-in-law are faculty members at Tarleton State University. Jones donated the books to help the library build a robust collection of books for young adults.

The donation consists of several teen novels, including Things Change, Triangle Choke, Head Kick, Body Shot and Side Control which were voted Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers from the Young Adult Library Services Association, two nonfiction books and eleven short novels aimed at reluctant readers.

“There are lots of reasons that teens don’t read, but one big one is they can’t find easy to read books that also hold their interest,” Jones said.

The reluctant reader titles are short with a low vocabulary but filled with high interest topics to teens, such as car racing, football and mixed martial arts. Jones wants to get teens reading by providing fast-paced books with lots of action.

Jones also donated his series called The Alternative about teens struggling to find their place in the world.

“While the books are set at a fictional alternative high school,” Jones said. “I worked with students at more than one hundred alternative schools, including residents of juvenile correctional facilities.”

Although most of his books have urban settings, Jones thinks teens in Stephenville will find his books easy to read and enjoyable.

While Jones mostly writes realistic fiction, he dipped his toe into the Twilight waters with two supernatural romances: The Tear Collector and a sequel called Cassandra’s Tears. Unlike other vampires, the creatures in these books don’t live on human blood, but instead on human tears.

“A book where a creature feeds off tears just has to be set in a high school,” Jones said.

To check out these books and many more, visit the library at 174 N. Columbia Street.