The newly-minted Stephenville Chess Club held its first meeting at Soup & More on June 3, and now, a little more than one week later, international chess master and club founder Adrian Rios is calling the group a success.

“We had 12 visitors, including two kids," Rios said about the first meeting. "Ten players engaged in friendly and fun informal games throughout the evening. Two players just watched but they intend to play soon. I played games with eight of the players. Most of them expressed satisfaction at having a nice place to play here in town.”

If you are interested in learning more about chess, consider joining the club.

• Welcomes boys and girls, men and women of all ages regardless of skill levels

• Encourages people to play or just watch

• Provides chess players in the area with a pleasant, comfortable place to meet and play

• Offers an opportunity for players to find and exchange references and information about chess.

• Allows informal and formal games to be played, depending on the number of players in attendance and their preferences.

• Is registered as an official affiliate of the U.S. Chess Federation, which makes it possible to run tournaments that will be ‘rated.'

• Sends the results of rated tournaments to the Federation so layers will get chess ratings

• Plans to host tournaments are run in the following three formats: 

a) SWISS (all players in one group),

b) ROUND ROBIN (all-play-all) and

c) QUADS (groups of 4 players, round robin).

Rios explains that he is there to answer any questions about chess rules and provide the players with information if they need it. He’s also happy to play all comers, so everybody will find a chance to play.

Soup and More owner Diana Wood has food and beverages available for sale during meetings. Interested people can contact Adrian Rios at 254-459-2373.