Commissioners met Monday to discuss damage remaining from last year's snow and ice storms, which affected several county buildings.

The Erath County Courthouse, Dublin Annex and Erath County Jail were all damaged in the unusual winter storms.

Rick Hale Construction was the only contractor that submitted bids for repair.

The bids for the jail and annex were approved with the jail's bid being $10,000 and the annex's being $1,200.

The courthouse, however, poses a problem.

Rick Hale Construction submitted a bid to the courthouse project at $45,000. The high price is due to the, "unusual status of the project," said facilities director John Wooley.

The gutters at the courthouse were damaged and need to be replaced. The complication stems from the courthouse being a historical building that requires the building to have copper gutters to maintain its historical status.

The issue will be the subject of ongoing discussions.

In other business, the county sold a used fire truck to the Lingleville Fire Department for $25,001.01.