Seattle, Washington's city council recently approved an increase in the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour, breaking all barriers of minimum pay across the country.

Before the increase, Washington was already known for having the highest state level minimum wage in the country at $9.32.

The increase to $15 will not happen overnight, it will take place over several years based on a scale that considers the size of and benefits offered by the employers. It will apply first to large businesses (over 500 employees in the U.S.) in 2017 and then to all businesses by 2021.

Could a large increase happen in the state of Texas, let alone in Stephenville? Blue Flamingo owner Shannon Mills thinks a slight increase would do the area well.

"I don't think raising it to $15 would help anyone but I think $10 would be about right," she said. "If there was a drastic increase to say $15, then all of the small businesses would have to pass it along to the consumers or drastically cut staff. You want everyone to do well, but I don't think raising it that much is the answer."

Citizens of Stephenville and the surrounding area chimed in on the topic on the E-T's Facebook page.

"Cost of living in Seattle is triple (or even more) than it is here," said Amanda Collins. "$15 isn't much there."

According to CNN, the equivalent of someone who currently makes $45,000 in the state of Texas would receive a comparable salary in Seattle of $60,000.

Tammie Collins also spoke on the subject saying, "The cost of living in any city or town is crazy. The average person can't live on $7.25."

McDonald's and Visa teamed up last year to create a financial planning website to show how an employee can live on minimum wage. The sample monthly budget assumes the individual has a second full-time job and also expects the hypothetical worker to never use the heater.

The plan was widely criticized for showing that an individual cannot get by on minimum wage.

But some say those with college degrees should make considerably more than those with minimum wage jobs.

"I would quit my job I have now and work at McDonald's," said Christi Miller. "I have a bachelor's degree and my salary now doesn't average out to $15 per hour."