Located in Stephenville, Irish Dreams is a small business that makes customer’s cakes-and-cupcakes dreams come true, whether they’re Irish dreams or not. Here’s what we found out from owner and head baker, Leanne Holland.

Tell our readers about the nature of Irish Dreams, that is, what you provide, how you provide it and so forth?

We do cakes and cupcakes. Anything, small or large, weddings, sculpted cakes, you name it. I enjoy doing the sculpted ones most because I get to do a little bit of everything with those.

How did you get into this business and where did the name come from?

My grandmothers and mother enjoyed baking so I got that from them. I enjoy cooking in general, but I love the baking more. It’s just more fun for me I think. And I have baked for family and friends for probably over 20 years.

I haven’t studied art or anything; I’ve learned mostly from my family and just watching videos and trial and error.

I worked for the State of Texas for 14 years and I loved that job. Then I had my daughter, Taylor. Now that she’s three, I decided to start my own business to spend more time with her. She’s a lot of fun and my assistant and my coach. She’ll say things like “That looks really pretty. Let me help.”

As for the name of the business, my husband, Carl came up with it. I have Scotch-Irish ancestry, so that’s where the Irish came from in the name. The dream part came from the fact that it’s always been my dream to bake cakes and things, sell them and share them with people.

How do you connect with customers?

People just call and tell me what they’re wanting; a wedding, birthday or whatever it might be. They tell me how many people and we go from there. They can pick up their order on the day of the event, or I can deliver it somewhere. It’s flexible. Whatever is easy for them.

There’s also a Facebook page, so people can go to Irish Dreams Cakes and Cupcakes and have a look and then call me. It they just need a small cake or order of cup cakes, it can be done in just a couple of days. But if it’s a wedding or something like that, of course we need more time.

I do this year-round, basically seven days a week. People can just call me, we’ll talk, and when I know what they have in mind, I’ll give them an estimate on time and cost.

For more information about Irish Dreams Cakes and Cupcakes, call 254-967-5096 or e-mail 2Hollands@embarqmail.com.