The Stephenville City Council unanimously passed its strategic plan for the Bosque River Trail Corridor Project Tuesday. The trail project is a labor of love as well as a lot of sweat and tears on the parts of many.

Grants from the Texas Department of Transportation – Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program, the National Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century and the city of Stephenville are making the project a reality.

In a public statement from the city, the Bosque River Trail is described as “a walking, hiking and biking trail that runs along the north bank of the Bosque River in Stephenville."

The trail measures 8,000 feet long or about 1.5 miles and is both open and wooded at various points. River views are available along the route. Grass and native plants are along the trail as well as bike storage, benches, lighting, and litter receptacles. Rest stops and mile markers are also available on the trail.

The trail begins at Graham Street bridge at Stephenville City Park, then goes along East Crow Street until it turns north and heads along the east side of South Minter Avenue to the intersection of East Long Street. The trail follows Long and ends near East Tarleton Street.

“I think one of the key things about the plan is that it is the result of a community-supplied effort," said Mayor Kenny Weldon. "There are over 40 people working on this. And the participation in the town halls that we’ve had has shown diverse interest in this and I think that’s very important."

Weldon also praised those pushing the effort forward.

”You can’t do something this significant without key leadership," he said. "That includes Drew Wells from the city, Kathryn Nichols, Metta Collier and Michele Dunkerley.”

After the city council’s vote to approve the plan, National Parks Service Community Planner Kathryn Nichols was presented with a bouquet of flowers for her dedication to the project.