Football and weightlifting fans alike may recall Dallas Cowboys legendary offensive lineman Larry Allen bench pressing 700 pounds during the mid-1990s.

Erath County powerlifter Darren Turley has the NFL Hall of Famer beat.

Turley again etched his name into the American Powerlifting Federation record book Sunday, setting age division records in squat and total pounds lifted at the organization's Master Nationals in Waxahachie.

Turley lifted the kilogram equivalent of 733 pounds in the bench press after squatting 963 pounds. He finished with a 650-pound dead lift for the record total of 2,346 pounds.

"World record for old farts," is how Turley, 46, described the records on his own Facebook page. He competes in the 45-49 age division. At 295 pounds, he competes in the 308-pound class. He attempted to break the squat record of 1,025, but was unsuccessful with 1,043 on the bar.

It's not as if Turley is a professional weightlifter. Like most, he has a day job, serving as executive director of the Texas Association of Dairymen. The Dublin native has been around the dairy industry his whole life.

In fact, Turley says when he became involved in weightlifting as an adult, it was just to stay in shape.

"I kind of got involved in it to get back into shape, then I found out I was pretty good at it and worked my way to the top of the pile," said Turley, who works out at Dublin High School's weight room. "The thing that keeps me going is having the young guys coming in and showing them how to get there even quicker than I have."

Young guys like Levi Bamber, who won a state championship in the sport at DHS and now lifts with Turley. Bamber won the 165-pound class Sunday with a total of 1,552 pounds. He squatted 611 pounds, bench pressed 418 and dead lifted 523.

Another integral part of the competition for Turley is the drug free aspect.

"The APF works very hard to create a competition that is completely drug free, and that's important to me," he said. "I like showing guys they can be the strongest in the room without doing the juice."

Perhaps even the strongest in the world. Turley and Bamber plan to compete in the world event in Florida come November.

"That's the ultimate goal," Turley said. "To get that far and say we competed in, and hopefully won, a world competition in powerlifting."