An out of town company in trouble for not paying their bills is causing headaches for a local company with a similar name.

John Powell, CFO of Prime Building Components, located on US Hwy. 377 between Stephenville and Dublin, said they are being confused with Prime Construction Company, which has not paid local subcontractors for work completed on Stephenville's new fire station.

"Some of our customers think we haven't paid our bills and I tell them it's not us," Powell said. "But people see the word 'prime' and associate it with our company."

Prime Building Components has been operating in Erath County since 1997 and manufactures steel building components and pre-engineered metal buildings.

They are not in the business of building fire stations.

Local companies have filed a lien against Prime Construction claiming they are owed thousands of dollars for work they completed on the new fire station.

Those companies are in the process of filing claims with the bond company.

The city of Stephenville released final payment to Prime Construction in February.