Be prepared to start pumping out a little more cash for gas over the next few months as gas prices are expected to rise again.

As summer nears, gas is expected to rise due to the annual change of winter blend to the cleaner-burning, summer blend gasoline.

The nation currently uses around 20 different blends of gas due to standards set by state and federal governments.  

While the oil spill in Houston likely won't increase prices, refineries are beginning to switch to the summer blend which have already caused a jump at the pump in Texas.

One month ago the average price in Texas per gallon sat at $3.21 and as of Friday, Texas had the 11th cheapest average price per gallon in the country at $3.35, a $.14 increase from a month ago.

Montana currently has the cheapest price at $3.24 and California is the most expensive with an average price of $3.98.

"The increase in prices won't influence how I drive or travel," said Tarleton State student Rodrigo Rangel. "In the long run you spend more in the summer and you spend less in the winter so in my opinion it kind of makes up for itself when it's cheaper in the colder months."