The Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (MTGCD) provides abandoned well plugging services and water quality tests for well owners within the District. There is no charge for either service as long as the well is registered with the MTGCD.

Plugging open abandoned water wells is extremely important because they are a direct conduit to the aquifer and can allow pollution of the source of water we all share. Additionally, they are against state law. The process used to plug an open well is prescribed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and is the exact process utilized by MTGCD. Once a well is plugged, it is no longer a well, and all liability associated with aquifer pollution is negated. In addition to plugging, the MTGCD will complete the appropriate paperwork and notify the State, on the well owner’s behalf, that the well is plugged.

Water quality tests are import to those who use their well water for drinking, bathing, and watering livestock. The MTGCD recommends that the water be tested every two years to verify that coliform bacteria is not present in the water. MTGCD’s personnel will make an appointment to take the water sample, bring it back to our laboratory, run a series of tests and then report back with test results.

Not all abandoned wells need to be plugged. Some wells, though not presently in use, have a good clear column that is still capable of producing water if equipped to do so. In this case, the MTGCD recommends that these well be capped so that that it can be used in the future if needed. This service is also provided , at no charge, by MTGCD.

For more information, contact MTGCD at 254-965-6705 or visit the website at

Joe Cooper,