With Tarleton State University holding two public hearings today for the 2014-15 tuition and fee plan, the E-T spoke to sophomore Aubrey Lawrence Tuesday about the rising cost of higher education.

Are you aware that there are two public hearings today that will address the 2014-15 tuition and fee plans?

Yes, I did hear that there was a hearing and I've seen a few signs around campus, but I don't plan on attending.

How do you pay for college?

I have a scholarship that pays most of my tuition and I work part time to help pay for my tuition.

Will an increase affect your ability to pay and attend school?

It would certainly make it to where I would have to work more hours than I do right now, but I still plan on attending if it increases by a small amount which is what I anticipate. If it is a big increase then it will make me weigh my options.

Are you upset about a potential increase?

I think in Tarleton's situation it would be tough to stop increasing tuition. The technology is improving and the campus is getting a lot of upgrades. If you want to be somewhere nice it isn't going to be cheap, so as the campus and the academics improve I expect the tuition and fee prices to increase as well.