Need your annual cholesterol or thyroid check up? Want to help out Dublin High School with their 2014 Project Graduation fundraiser? Do both.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Stephenville will conduct multiple screenings on Thursday with proceeds benefiting Dublin ISD's Project Graduation. But not only will the event help out the school, but the hospital's lab director Tammy Hudson said it provides inexpensive healthcare access to those who might not get it otherwise.

"We have a lot of people who participate in these events because they understand how much they're saving," Hudson said. "To go to your doctor and have the full work up done would cost $500. But that full screening will only cost you $70 during the fundraiser."

The available screenings include five options. They include a complete profile with includes lipid, hemogram and chemistry screenings which will cost $70, and then a lipid profile which will show the breakdown of good and bad cholesterol levels for $25. Three options will cost $30, and include a thyroid, prostate and colon cancer screenings. Attendees may purchase multiple profiles or screenings.

"We've been doing this a long time with great results," Hudson said. "It started as a way to allow for access to cheaper healthcare and grew into something that not only helps us achieve part of our mission, but a way the community and the hospital can help the schools with a wonderful program like Project Graduation."

The screenings will take place from 7-9 a.m. Thursday in the Belknap Lobby at the hospital.

Participants are required to fast before attending the screening. Hospital officials suggest no food or water after midnight.