Have you ever worn a backpack?    

If you answered, “Yes,” the chances are you are a member of the younger generation.  The “Old Folks,” including Ye OLD Columnist (YOC), probably  have never worn a backpack nor owned one.

The closest YOC ever came to owning a backpack was a book satchel that I used to carry my books etc. to elementary school. It sported a handle and/or strap. The strap could be placed over one’s  shoulders.

Backpacks date back to ancient times. It was used as a way to carry a hunter’s large game and other kinds of prey. The device provided an easier way to transport these deceased animals and other materials.

The bags were made from different animal hides and skins. These were sewed together by using the animals’ intestines. The modern version of today’s backpack came about in the United States in about 1910. Some times the “gadget”  was called "moneybag" or "packsack."  Many times in today’s world, the backpack is often referred to as a “pack.”

Many backpack experts say the “pack” should not be a hindrance to the individual’s natural posture,  balance or movement of the body. To put it in “everyday language,” the backpack should be comfortable to the wearer.

The popularity of the backpack has now made its way onto the shelves of one of the nation’s most respected stores – Neiman Marcus. A recent advertisement in one of Neiman’s brochures had these words with photos of backpacks for women – “Spring Trend -- More Refined than Roughing It – Shop All the Trends.”

The next time you observe a person carrying a backpack, remember the “pack” has an interesting history that dates back to ancient times – something old, something useful.

A nice honor

Dr. Darrell Floyd, superintendent of the Stephenville ISD, recently had a nice honor to come his way. He was honored by the Department of  Educational Leadership at Texas A&M University-Commerce as one of the department’s outstanding graduates.

Dr. Floyd received his doctorate from this department a number of years ago.

Ye OLD Columnist (YOC) taught in this department (then called Educational Administration)  for 18 years (1966-1984). This was before Dr. Floyd began his doctoral program.

Congratulations are in order to Dr. Floyd.

Old timer returns

Galen Gilbert, owner and operator of the local radio station, KSTV in the 1950s and early 1960s, was in town last week. Gilbert, who is now in his 90s, lives in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. His wife and son accompanied him.

He surprised long-time Stephenville resident, Brad Thompson, when he showed up at Thompson’s office on Belknap St. 

New members

Two new members were recently inducted into the OLD Goats Club, They are Tom Matthews, retired Tarleton State University employee; and Leroy (Candyman) Griffin, retired railroad employee.

They replaced two members, who recently passed away.  These inductions brought the membership total to its desired number of 21 -- 20 OLD Goats and one Nanny.

Congratulations are in order to Tom and Leroy.

’TIL NEXT TIME – “Groceries are so high,  it’s cheaper to eat the money.” – Morey Amsterdam  (1908-1996),  American comedian. 

Dr. Stuart Chilton, retired educator/journalist, lives in Stephenville.