Despite becoming a finalist for the presidency of the University of Akron in Ohio, Dr. Dominic Dottavio says he will stay at Tarleton State University.

Dottavio is Tarleton's 15th president. He sent an email to the university's faculty Sunday night informing them of his decision.

"Serving as the 16th President of the University of Akron was an intriguing prospect for me because it is where I began my love affair with education," the letter stated. "I started at the University of Akron as a seventeen year-old first-generation commuter student and spent two life-changing years on the campus. The words I spoke recently at the memorial service for Barry B. Thompson became personal to me over the past few days, 'A student who became president – can there be any better role model for loyalty and achievement?' The possibility of returning to Akron was all the more compelling for me because my mother, a large extended family and many friends live nearby."

Dottavio was invited by the university to apply for the position. He was one of 19 candidates the board considered before narrowing down the field to a few finalists. Dottavio was one of those finalists invited to Ohio on Friday to meet with the university's board of trustees.

"After much soul searching and prayer, Lisette and I decided we love this university, this community and the friends we have made too much to leave, even for the place that gave me my start on an exceptionally rewarding career," Dottavio said. "There is important work yet to be completed at Tarleton and I remain committed to each of you and our great university."