Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The following story came from Gene Williams’ wealth of historic data. William Burroughs came to Morgan Mill in December of 1890 and was appointed postmaster in 1892. This apparent newspaper article is dated March 21, 1896. According to the article, Mr. Burroughs was summoned to appear in court in “Palo Pinto” town to give evidence in a felony case in behalf of the state. He states that this is the first time that he has been away from his post and the first time to make this trip. He writes, “The picturesque and romantic are inseparably connected and associated journeying through a region of alternate hill and dale, mountain and valley. But if I had been out for my health only, climbing mountains and over rocks, not as an attached witness, but as a free American citizen, I would not have put in all my waking hours, and would not have had so much of this kind of romancing in one day. There is enough of the picturesque between Morgan Mill and Palo Pinto town, if economically apportioned among the years, to cheer and diversify existence during the longest span of life to which man has ever been known to attain. From four miles southeast from Gordon to the plateau, eight miles north therefrom, our course was through a country of level fertile fields of immense area, most of them ploughed and some planted. We passed through on our way to the Palo Pinto court, Lake Creek, near the northern limit of this great agricultural belt, is a stream of pure cold water, “sparkling and bright in its liquid light,” getting its supply from perennial springs, and often frequented by anglers in quest of brook trout and the varieties of the finny tribe.”

He finishes his “Scenes by the Wayside” rendition by writing, “My exploration of the mountain fastnesses of Erath and Palo Pinto, in anticipation almost paralyzed me, and had any calamity of the kind resulted from the undertaking, I was trying to be prepared to meet it with the utmost resignation, but fortunately no such situation had to be accepted, have survived the ordeal, at home again. No repairs needed. Very Truly, Wm. BURROUGHS.” Thanks, Gene, for keeping our history.

The March student of the month is a second grader, Lillie Soderlind. She likes to color and her favorite color is purple. She makes As and Bs and has perfect attendance. She likes spelling and a hard word to spell is “university.” Jack is her pet dog and she has three pigs, Poncho, Oreo, and Mouse. She likes to play outside and her best friend is Audrey. She likes Morgan Mill School because the teachers care for them. Proud mom and dad are Amber and Pat. She said Dad is busy rebuilding the barn that burned a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations to a well deserving young lady.

Morgan Mill School is having their school wide Book Fair next week. Parents are invited to visit the book fair on March 24-26 from 3-3:45. There are e-Books available also. Come help the school raise money and get the kids excited about reading.

PTF has announced that the fundraiser to finance Splashville has been successful and the date for the event will be decided on soon.