The community was able to get a glimpse of the future plans for the Bosque River Trail Corridor Project at Thursday's open house hosted by Keep Stephenville Beautiful and the National Park Service. 

The event, hosted at the Graham Street Church of Christ Family Center, included a presentation from Mayor Kenny Weldon, National Park Service community planner Kathryn Nichols and Metta Collier.

Maps were placed on tables throughout the building highlighting what the future held for the trail in its multiple phases.

"I decided to come tonight because my family uses the trail all the time and we are in full support of it and encourage future development," said Lisa LaTouche. "I'm happy overall about what's been done other than one area where the city wasn't able to get a piece of land that goes through a neighborhood, so it makes for an awkward part on the trail and I'd like to focus on making one continuous trail that is consistent from beginning to end."

More than 70 people attended the event, exciting those promoting the project.

"I think it means we have some great support in the community," Nichols said. "I think the word is out and people want to know what is in the future and what the plans are. I think (Thursday's) turnout really means that people are excited about this project."