With rain and cooler temperatures predicted throughout Erath County this weekend, many residents are wondering if county officials are considering lifting the burn ban temporarily. The answer? No.

"Conditions are still very dangerous and until we get more moisture in the ground, the burn ban is still on," said County Judge Tab Thompson.

Commissioners put the county-wide burn ban in place for 90 days in February, after lifting the ban for 72 hours.

Erath County Volunteer Fire Coordinator Chris Brooks said dead grass and underbrush are the perfect fuel to ignite a fire.

"There are more factors that go into a burn ban than just rainfall amounts," Brooks said. "We look to drought maps, humidity, fuel and wind when deciding whether or not to enact a burn ban. Those burning, even during the rain, are in violation of the ban and could be ticketed by law enforcement officials."

Forecasters predict rain on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with thunderstorms predicted for Saturday. Temperatures will drop drastically as well. Erath County residents will see 80F on Friday, dropping to 70F on Saturday and even lower Sunday and Monday.