The E-T sat down with Tarleton State University sophomore Brendan Sar to talk about the recent growth in population, construction and what makes the university so special.

1. What made you choose Tarleton?

I first came for a Texan Tour my sophomore year in high school. Being such a young kid, we went into the dining hall and they had a rotating garbage wall and that just really blew my mind. But when it actually came time to make a decision, the price and the private school atmosphere is what really made me choose Tarleton.

2. What's your favorite thing about the university?

Everything holds value. The southern hospitality really, really thrives around here. Not only does Tarleton have hospitality, but so do the people of Stephenville.

3. What do you think about Tarleton's recent growth?

With Tarleton's push to go D-I, I think under Dr. Dottavio and the executive board under him, we're going in the right direction. Expanding, building new residence halls, new roads, adding new buildings and all of those improvements are awesome. It's all going to be great. We're a very strong nursing school and we're really starting to grow stronger in all of the other academic areas also. I think progress is only going to become faster and faster as the years go by, I'm not saying we're ready to go D-I but we are doing a good job.

4. What other improvements would you like to see?

If there's one thing I'd like to see improved it's parking, possibly a parking garage. The one thing I want to make sure that happens in the future is that we preserve our Texan hospitality, our school spirit and our Purple Poo still thrives. I don't want to ever come back and visit and those things be gone.